Marketing Highways and the efficiency of cross-media communications

The stakes

The management of content is a source of value for companies.  The coherence of content across communication channels is fundamental for  a brand’s identity and for the maximum impact of Marcom activities.

The production of content has increased in volume and accelerated, its distribution has become more extensive, more diverse and more interactive than in the past.  But,  the management of the efficiency of Marcom activities has not kept up with this evolution, whether it relates to the content of the message itself, or to the time taken by teams and the costs associated with producing and distributing it.

The coordination of production and distribution of content is a key factor in the success of campaigns.  It is therefore essential to offer consumers a well set out path across various contact points (paper, web, social networks, points of sale etc..) and manage the customer’s experience when moving from one contact point to another.

How does Marketing Highways help clients

Marketing Highways helps its clients to optimise:

Marketing Highways accompanies its clients in the reengineering of processes and the introduction of technology (cross-media platforms, Digital Asset management systems, collaborative community management solutions etc..) in their environments to achieve concrete results: cost reduction in media production, capitalisation on rich content, team performance and productivity, impact  performance of contact points.

Marketing Highways helps clients measure the performance of their communication activities thus enabling them to make better decisions in the management of their communication plans.