Marketing Highways & the performance of Marketing Operations


The slowing rate of market growth, the easing of consumption, and the increased volatility of customers, are factors that have led companies to rely on capturing increasing market shares or on their ability to rapidly establish leadership positions in new markets to fuel their growth. In this context, Marketing organisations have to face several challenges in managing Marketing Operations and need to:

  • Increase their reactivity and agility in the face of rapidly changing markets.
  • Implement a successful multichannel strategy: to promote their offering by multiplying the number of contact points and channels.
  • Mobilise their resources (teams & budgets) on the most relevant campaigns.
  • Deploy marketing activities ever more rapidly with constant or diminishing levels of resources.
  • Demonstrate to Senior Management the value and contribution of Marcom investments to corporate results.

Marketing Operations activities must now provide:

  • Performance: by ensuring investments in the activities that enable the highest awareness with the highest conversion to sales revenue.
  • Productivity: by streamlining Marketing Supply Chain processes and motivating staff.
  • Competitiveness: by producing the best campaigns at the right cost and within the appropriate timescales.

“Do the right things and do things right”

Marketing Highways’ added value

Marketing Highways and its partners help clients:

  • Measure the level of their Marketing Operations efficiency and compare it to competitors.
  • Fix concrete objectives for improvement in: share of audience (awareness, image, etc..), accelerated time to market, cost reductions, and team productivity….
  • Achieve performance objectives.
  • Define and implement management dashboards.

Marketing Highways undertakes assessments, defines measurement systems, reengineers Marketing Supply Chain processes, recommends supporting technology and solutions (MRM, EMM, PIM, BPO etc..) and provides change management expertise to accompany its customers in the achievement of their goals.

Areas of optimisation

Marketing Highways works on two keys areas of Marketing Operations optimisation :

  • Increasing relevance by identifying the most influential consumer contact points and ensuring that the appropriate levels of investments are made in each of them.
  • Increasing productivity by streamlining the Marketing Supply Chain.

The ROMI generated by companies is dependent on the level of performance that is achieved in these two areas.

Marketing Operations optimisation

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Marketing Highways provides its clients with solutions and processes to build and deliver Marcom plans that are both realistic and efficient within an environment of increasing complexity which is a result of the growth in the number of commercial offers, communication channels, market segments, and the shortening of product cycles etc….

Client Benefits :

  • Productivity gains: more efficient teams and streamlined costs.
  • Accelerated time to market and an increase in the relevance of promotions.
  • Increased communication effectiveness across channels (traditional media, web sites, mobiles, social networks, points of sale etc)…
  • Coordinated Marcom activities based on the measurement of the ROI of each action enabling increased relevance and continuous improvements.
  • Better and faster decision making and management of Marcom investments through the availability of relevant performance indicators.


The relevance («Doing the right things») of Marcom actions is a critical factor in a company’s ability to influence prospects or clients which in turn has a huge impact on the ROI which is generated.

Relevance is therefore key for Marketing managers.
To maximise relevance one must consider the following elements:

  • Are Marcom investments correctly allocated across the right customer contact points and are the levels of investment appropriate for maximized returns?
  • Is the offer sufficiently relevant and personalised?
  • Is the offer communicated at the right time?

The last two can only be accomplished if the Marketing Operations function and the company’s Marketing Supply Chain are efficient (“Doing things right”) because:

  • For maximum relevance, a message’s content calls that it be personalized which requires a capacity to mass-produce marketing materials that are different from each other if not unique for each recipient and this must be undertaken at sustainable cost levels
  • To guarantee a relevant message, it must be communicated at the right time in the sales cycle of a potential purchaser. This requires that the marketing materials are produced with agile processes enabling short and reliable production cycles in response to the changing nature of offers and to meet the windows of opportunity to communicate with the consumer.