More on “Marketing Ressources Management”

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions facilitate the automation of marketing processes and tasks and typically cover the following:

  • Financial planning & management
  • Project management
  • Dynamic calendars
  • Production management
  • Digital asset management
  • Localisation and distribution of marketing materials
  • Online campaign management (from segmentation to results analysis)
  • Management reporting and performance measurement

Marketing organisations face two challenges:  to communicate more (because of an increasing number of products, channels, markets & market segments, shorter product lifecycles etc..) whilst financial and human resources are becoming more and more scarce.  To overcome this it is becoming imperative for Marketing organisations to increase their productivity.

At the same time Marketing organisations are being challenged  to measure their contribution to Corporate objectives and to be accountable for their budgets:  Surveys show that it is now one of the top priorities for 90% of companies.

With MRM solutions, Marketing Departments have the means to be at the heart of the Corporation and  become a profit centre for its activities. MRM solutions are a tool  for management to allocate and track resources and enable increased productivity.

A number of software companies operate in this space.